We provide various servicing and maintenance tasks to keep your systems running at optimal performance.


Cleaning your solar panels is a small but often overlooked piece of maintenance that helps keep your energy generation at optimal performance. A build-up of dust or debris covering the glass can reduce efficiency by 7%.

When we clean your panels we also take the opportunity to check for any damage or deterioration.

How Often

It is recommended that you have your solar panels cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning service every 6 - 12 months. In areas with high air pollution, or places exposed to dust and dirt an interval of about six months is advised.

Safety First

Solar panels mounted on roofs are not particularly accessible without specialist equipment. The use of water to clean the panels also carries the increased risk of electrocution or falling on slippery surfaces. Taking these factors into account, it is not recommended that cleaning is done as a DIY job.

When to Clean

You should look to have your solar panels cleaned in early spring and at the start of winter to ensure you keep the panels optimal power generation. The summer is drier, so generally more dirt accumulates on the glass at this time.

Servicing and Diagnostics

Solar panels are very reliable, however, you should take the opportunity have your system checked periodically. This is to ensure the inverter and other systems are working correctly and to spot any issues before they become a problem.

The Main Checks and Diagnostics
  • Visual inspection of panels
  • Inverter checks
  • Meter check
  • Electricity voltage and current checks
  • Battery diagnostics (if applicable)
  • Inspection of cabling and junction boxes

Warranty Repairs

We carry our warranty repairs on any type of solar panel installation.

Alterations, Upgrades and Expansions

We also provide alterations and upgrades to any type of solar panel installation. For example, you need to relocate panels, or temporarily remove them for roof maintenance.

Alterations and upgrades include:

  • Install additional solar panels
  • Relocate panels or remove them
  • Upgrade existing panels
  • Increase battery storage
  • Upgrade the inverter

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