Bird Proofing Solutions

Prevent birds and mammals from inhabiting your solar panels

Why the Need?

Birds and mammals, such as pigeons are finding a new and unlikely homes behind the solar panels fitted to roofs. The space between the roof an the panel offers ample shelter from the elements and protection from predators. The nests are usually situated on the horizontal fixing rail, which is also where the cabling runs along.

The Damage

The nesting greatly increases the amount of fouling of the panels and on the roof itself. The associated debris and nesting material also finds it’s way into the gutters, filling them up.

Another more serious concern is the occurance of failing cable connectors when they situated on or below the nest site.

The cable connectors are designed to be weatherproof under normal conditions. However, the constant wet and dampness from the nest causes the cable connector seals to prematurely fail. The resulting short circuit is detected by the Inverter, which shuts down the system, preventing electricity generation.

Feral Pigeons

The most common bird to be found nesting under solar panels are Feral Pigeons. They are known to spread a range of fungal and bacterial diseases, transmitted mainly through their droppings. People with weak immune systems are considered most at risk.

The cooing calls of pigeons and their roosting sounds are particularly noticeable in the early mornings and are a regular annoyance to some residents.


Kewsolar offer three bird proofing solutions to prevent the problem from ocurring and have the following benefits:

  • Virtually invisible from the ground
  • Can be installed without drilling and screwing
  • Can be secured with clips that won’t damage the panels
  • Can be easily removed for servicing and maintenance
  • Does not invalidate the solar panel warranty
  • Can be fitted during an installation, or to an existing one.

Rigid Wire Mesh

A thick, high quality galvanised steel are fixed around the edge with special clips, which do not damage the panel.

  • PROS: Very strong and fits perfectly around the panel. Easy to remove for maintenance.
  • CONS: The most expensive solution

Bird Spikes

Premium stainless steel or plastic spikes arranged around the gaps. They come in strips and are fixed into place with adhesive to the roof tiles.

  • PROS: Easy to install
  • CONS: Not as good as mesh at keeping out debris. Harder to remove for maintenance because they are glued.

Chicken Wire

A good quality Zinc Galvanised mesh is fitted under the panel and held in place with ties and screws.

  • PROS: The most cost effective solution
  • CONS: Not as robust as the rigid mesh
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