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As a global leader in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, LG can now offer superior solar products. The trusted LG brand provides innovative products and has built a reputation on quality and reliability like no other brand.

The world needs renewable energy today. To meet the future head on, LG Electronics has made significant inroads in environmentally sound solutions for a healthier and safer planet with its advances in Solar Energy. In 2008, the company proclaimed its charter, 'Life's good when it's green'.

Solar modules are exposed to various environments. LG conducts most of the relevant quality tests in its own test lab certified by TÜV and UL. LG's own tests have to meet twice as stringent requirements as required by the IEC.

It is important to home owners that their houses are not visually impaired by a solar power system. LG modules are unobtrusive in design and fit all roofing types.

LG Neon 2 - LG 300N1K-G4
LG Neon 2 - LG310N1C-G4
LG Neon 2 - LG315N1C-G4
LG Neon 2 - LG320N1C-G4
LG Neon 2 - LG305N1C-G4
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