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Imported roof hooks are designed for European roofs so installers often have to spend valuable time modifying tiles or slate to get the hooks to fit. The clever design of the REDtip hooks cuts down on-roof adaptations like grinding and reduces the need for costly soakers and flashings. This aids faster, easier installation; saving time and therefore money.

UK designed, tested and warranted

Designed in the UK for UK roofs in accordance with BS EN 490, BS EN 1304, BS EN 12326, MCS 0012 and best roofing practice, every REDtip hook dimensions match British Standard tiles and slates.

There are four REDtip hooks in the range, designed to fit the four most popular UK tile & slate types.

Between them they will fit 90% of UK roofs. They have been proven in the harshness of the UK climate and are fully warranted.

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