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SMAs PV inverters can now officially claim to be manufactured in a zero carbon, scope 2, European manufacturing facility.

Bringing all production under one roof has enabled SMA to deliver streamlined and more efficient production processes which are both economically and environmentally sustainable. An independent audit has verified and certified the factory to the globally recognised ISO 14064-1:2006 standard covering the scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions. It means the Solar Works 1 factory in Kassel is the world largest zero carbon solar PV inverter manufacturing facility to this scope and boundary.

Kew Solars inverters are predominantly supplied by SMA with whom we have direct links to in the UK, these inverters are G59/2 and G83/1 approved with a maximum efficiency of 98.1%. Again these are backed with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. SMA provides extended warranty on their inverters up to 25 years, a table of which is included in the warranty section of this document. All other quality brands can be specified at the client’s request and will be fully supported to our usual exacting standards.

Kew Solars enginers have recently completed training courses at the SMA Solar Academy in Neistetal in Germany for all their inverters. We have also specialised in Off Grid PV systems where there is no access to the normal mains electricity supply using SMA inverters. Kew Solars engineers install battery bank systems that are mostly Lead Acid type, either wet filled or Gel type batteries, depending on the local situation. We install diesel backup generator sets to charge and act in case of failure of the solar PV system, this is especially in our winter when the sun does not shine for so long and strong.

PV Inverters

SMA Data Sheet SB 1500 / 2500
SMA Data Sheet SB 3000 / 4000 / 5000
SMA Data Sheet SB 3600
Tripower 5000 - 9000 TL
Tripower 10000 - 12000 TL
Tripower 20000 - 25000 TL

Battery and Off-Grid Inverters

Sunny Island 3.0M / 4.4M
Sunny Island 6.0H / 8.0H
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